Five AMAZING Poker Hands Seen at Televised Tournaments

Pokers popularity continues to grow and often entire tours and tournaments are televised live on TV. Here we find five of the most amazing hands ever played in poker tournaments and who played them.

10-2 and Doyle Brunson

By far the best history that can be attached to any poker hand is the hand ten-deuce and Doyle Brunson. Under normal circumstances, this hand should be mucked but as they say in poker…anything can come on the flop. This hand was so amazing that the starting hand ten-deuce led to Doyle Brunson winning the 1976 World Series of Poker Championship. He got all-in with this hand against a poker pro named Jesse Alto and won thus becoming World Poker Champion in 1976. Even more amazingly the following year, Brunson won the 1977 World Series of Poker Main Event with the same 10-2 hand this time against Bones Berland. In both cases, Brunson made a winning full house with his 10-2 starting hand.

Two Black Nines

Phil Hellmuth is renowned as one of the greatest tournament No Limit Hold’em players that has ever lived. His record of WSOP bracelets may never be surpassed. He won the main event World Championship in 1989 when he went all-in with the 9c-9s. That hand not only held up but it led to Hellmuth winning the World Poker Championship that year after Johnny Chan had won back to back titles in 1987 and 1988. The hand also catapulted Hellmuth into the category of poker legend too and his name is now linked to tournament poker the world over and especially at the World Series of Poker.

The Power of Nothing

In the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event, Chris Moneymaker launched one of the biggest and most successful bluffs in history. Moneymaker won a $38 satellite to play in the main event and eventually parlayed that all the way to the title and $2.5 million. Moneymaker was heads up with Sam Farha when he was dealt the Ks-7h to Farha’s Qs-9h.

The flop was 9s-6s-2d giving Farha the top pair. The turn was the 8s giving Moneymaker the straight and flush draw and Farha a flush draw to go with his pair of nines. The river card was the 3h and Moneymaker went all-in. Farha eventually failed to act on his read and folded. Some moments earlier he had commented that Moneymaker must have “missed his flush”.

Devilfish Devours the Field

The year was 1999 and the first ever televised series of Late Night Poker had reached the final three players. These were Dave Welch, Peter Evans and the poker pro Dave Ulliott also known as “Devilfish”. They were playing for the £40,000 first prize when the following hand came up. Welch was dealt pocket jacks on the button and raised to 3000. Evans folded and Ulliott merely called in the big blind with A-A.

An ace came on the flop and Welch made a c-bet which Ulliott merely called with his monster top set. Both players checked the turn and Ulliott put Welch all in on the river. The way that Ulliott played the hand staggered the commentators and put Welch into an impossible position given how aggressively Ulliott had been playing. Welch suspected a possible bluff and called and Ulliott went onto take the title and the cash.

Call and it’s All Over Baby

Perhaps one of the most famous poker hands of all time was also accompanied by one of the most famous poker quotes of all time. The year was 1998 and the WSOP $10,000 main event was down to the last two players. There was the showman and poker pro Scotty Nguyen against Kevin McBride.

By the river the board was 9-9-8-8-8 and Nguyen goes all-in. His opponent goes into the tank and thinks. At thatmoment, Scotty says “If you call it’s gonna be all over baby”. McBride thinks for a few seconds and calls and plays the board. Scotty Nguyen shows a nine for a bigger full house and wins the 1998 World Series of Poker main event and with it the world poker title.

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